Paragraphr Help

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Install Paragraphr just like any premium plugin.

  • Download the plugin file (.zip)
  • Upload it to your WordPress plugins page
  • Activate the plugin
  • Enter your license key

*Your license key can be found in your account page.


Paragraphr converts a container of paragraphs into a random message — where one of the paragraphs in the container is shown at random.

  1. Write your paragraphs. You can write as many as you wish.
  2. Group the paragraphs. You can use the built in “group” option in the WordPress block editor, or “container” blocks from other libraries.
  3. In the options panel, under the “advanced” section, add the ‘paragraphr‘ class

That’s it. Paragraphr will turn the container into a random message — on page load one of the paragraphs will be shown rather than all of them.


Paragraphr now has automatic updates. Just click the update link on your plugins page.

Move license to new site

If you wish to move your copy of Paragraphr to a different site, no problem. Here’s how:

  1. In the Paragraphr options page, deactivate your current license
  2. On the plugins page, deactivate Paragraphr, and delete it
  3. On the new site, upload Paragraphr and activate it
  4. Finally, activate your license on the new server


The most common issue is applying the wrong class to the container. Remember, the class to apply is ‘paragraphr’ with no ‘e.’ It’s very easy to apply ‘paragrapher’ and not catch it.

Only paragraphs

At this time, Paragraphr supports containers with paragraphs. Other things like headings or images are ignored. Things like text formatting (bold, italics, highlights, colors, and even links) are fine.